PROC is a joint Administration/Academic Senate committee that oversees the academic program review process.

Membership includes the following academic administrators and Senate committees:

  • Vice Provost for Academic & Space Planning (VP-ASP) — Chair of PROC
  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP)
  • Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion (VC-E&I)
  • Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education (VC-UE)
  • Vice Provost for the Faculty (VP-F)
  • Dean or Associate Dean of the Graduate Division (GD)
  • Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Executive Director, Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA)
  • Chair of the Committee on the Budget and Interdepartmental Relations (BIR)
  • Chair of the Committee on Academic Planning and Resources Allocation (CAPRA)
  • Chair of the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP)
  • Chair of the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Campus Climate (DECC)
  • Chair of the Graduate Council (GC)
  • Chief of Staff to the Vice Provost for Strategic Academic & Facilities Planning

Each of the five committees (BIR, CAPRA, CEP, DECC, and GC) of the Academic Senate listed above assign to each program review one of its members who represents the committee and writes a report based on all the review documents. The accumulated reports form the basis for the deliberations and final report of the Divisional Council (DIVCO) of the Academic Senate.

Other partners in the review process include:

Download the complete Program Review Guide for reviews starting before Spring 2016.  

For reviews starting in/after Spring 2016, use the revised Program Review Guide (2016).