Visit of the External Reviewer Committee

To achieve the primary goal of the review — a rigorous, objective, intellectually up-to-date examination of the unit and all its practices — PROC, in consultation with the unit under review and the cognizant college or school dean, assembles an External Reviewer Committee of three to five scholars (or more, depending on the size of the unit and the range of its subdisciplines).

Over two or three days, the External Review Committee, accompanied by the Senate Liaison, meet with the unit’s faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff, as well as campus administrators (for sample template for External Review Committee visit with department or professional school, see Guide, Appendix VI). The External Review Committee has a one-hour exit interview with the PROC and the cognizant college or school dean. The Vice Provost for the Faculty acts as the cognizant dean for professional school reviews.

Prior to their departure, members of the External Review Committee prepare a report summarizing their strategic assessment of the challenges and opportunities confronting the unit and addressing the issues raised in its charge letter. The report of the External Review Committee is delivered to the VP-SAFP at the end of the visit.

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