The OPA data summary provides the following information:

  • Summary of recommendations from the previous Academic Program Review;
  • Departmental rankings;
  • Departmental resources, such as faculty and staff FTE, budgetary information, and sponsored research;
  • Academic personnel summary, including teaching workload, faculty by rank, age groups, and demographics;
  • Undergraduate and graduate student data, including headcounts, demographics, time to degree, completion rates, graduate admissions, student support, and survey results;
  • An overview of the curriculum, including information on course offerings and enrollment patterns over time.


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The data in the summaries is sourced from the following:

Internal Sources

  • Cal Answers (major headcounts, degrees, demographics, enrollment)
  • Cal Profiles (faculty and staff FTE, teaching workload)
  • Graduate Division (admission, completion rates, time-to-degree, student support, placement, surveys)
  • UC Undergraduate Experience Survey
  • Campus Career Center Survey
  • Budget Office
  • Sponsored Projects Office


External Sources

For additional context, departments may provide information not found in the central systems, such as current or historical planning documents, student handbooks, public relations materials or any other information that may be helpful for understanding the central data.


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