Departmental Rankings

Financial Trends

  • Total revenue and transfers
  • Total expenses
  • Net operating surplus or deficit
  • Change in fund balance
  • Change in net assets
  • Ending balance
  • Expenses on contracts and grants

Sponsored Research Projects

  • Total prorated Sponsored Projects awards

Faculty and Staff Profile

  • Actual faculty FTE
  • Degree recipient to ladder faculty FTE ratio
  • Teaching workload (total primary sections per actual ladder-faculty FTE)
  • Faculty headcount by rank
  • Ladder-faculty Stratification by rank
  • Ladder-faculty age groups
  • Actual staff FTE

Faculty and Student Demographics

  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Degrees conferred by gender and race/ethnicity

Undergraduate Program

  • Major headcount
  • Enrollments in primary sections by lower- and upper-division
  • Number of course offerings
  • Enrollment trends for specific courses
  • Origin of enrollments in lower- and upper-division courses
  • University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)
  • Career Destinations Survey

Graduate Program

  • Major headcount
  • Number of doctoral applicants
  • Number of doctoral admission offers
  • Admit rate
  • Yield rate
  • Mean net stipend
  • Time-to-degree by gender
  • Completion rate by gender
  • Enrollment in graduate courses
  • Number of graduate course offerings
  • Origin of enrollments in graduate courses
  • Doctoral Placement Survey
  • Program Review Survey


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